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VIP Levels

Players are awarded VIP points for buying Rubies. Points are gained when buying Rubies and these points apply to the VIP level.
VIP levels give different bonuses.

Bonuses and VIP buildings are active for 30 days after the last Ruby purchase (each subsequent purchase updates the timer to 30 days, the 30 days are not accumulative - you can not have more than 30 days on the timer)


There are currently 9 VIP levels

VIP Level







































VIP Points











Increases the maximum energy for the duration of the VIP status

Increases the daily gift limit from neighbours, admirers, idols and couples

Increases the number of interactions for your guests at your Estate or Camp

Increases the number of free hand actions you can use when visiting friends.

Book of Experience: Collect XP every 6 hours

Royal Garden

VIP Shop. Opens access to the VIP tab in the market

Adds a Gold Frame to your picture in the neighbour bar.**  You can toggle this option off if you do not want to display the frame

Fountain of Energy:  Drink from the fountain every 6 hours and receive 30 energy

Cat Detective:  Send him on Adventures

Glory Obelisk: 1000 Glory every 6 hours

Sniffer Dog:  Send on Adventures

Colony Chief:  Collects all tribute from colonies.

Pegasus:  Will transport the Ladies to Faraway Lands - only active while VIP is active

Capacity 1000, Fuel 1000

Scarlet Sails: Will transport Knights to Faraway Lands - only active while VIP is active.

Capacity 1000, Fuel 1000

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