Great Meow Temple

Lets visit the Great Meow Temple


Available till July, 28 23:59 PDT


Cat Stone:  Found on the land in Cat Minerals

Cat Coin:  Made at the Craftsman

Irwin the Archaeologist

Talk to Irwin!

He needs help to solve the mystery of the Great Meow Temple.

Central Square is now open!

Central Square

We need to find all the Fresco Parts and restore the Frescos. 
All parts can be found in this area. You must find your own Fresco pieces, they may not be in the same position as your neighbours

Irwin the Archaeologist

Talk to Irwin again!

He tells us the treasury is hidden in the  Ancient Sanctuary but we must perform the ritual to open the Treasury!

Great Meow Temple is now open!

Great Meow Temple

We need to use Geologists and Compasses here. 
Guide to Geologists & Compasses

Use Archaeologists to find the Cat Statues, arrange them correctly around the Purr Altar (you can see an outline of this at the correct positions)

One Cat Statue is already visible you must find the other 3 Cat Statues with Geologists 

We must also upgrade the Purr Altars (4, one beside each Cat Statue.


Upgrade each Purr Altar, place the correct Cat Statue.  Click the Purr Altar to check. 

WARNING:  When using the Geologist make sure you are mining for the correct cat you found. 










You can also make Geologists and Compasses here OR you can bring them from home. 

Ancient Sanctuary & Secret Treasures

Restore the Altar then click to access the Secret Treasures that lay below. 

You will find the Meow Artifact interactive statue here too, bring it home. 

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