Sorcery Academy

Welcome to the Royal Sorcery Academy, the school of witchcraft and magic!

Share or Archive the game news to get the Wonder Trunk which contains Wonder Seeds

This is a hard release, to complete the land you may need to use Golden Hands on interactive statues to get enough Dissolution Spells.  Growing seeds will not give enough. You can only grow about 10 flowers to complete the first quest. 

Materials & Resources

Wonder Seeds: collect 4 seeds from the Game News! (share or archive game news)  Open the Small Wonder Trunk (also from Game News) to receive another 10 seeds! 

Wonder Flowers: plant Wonder seeds in garden beds. 6 hours to maturity.

  • You need 2 Wonder Seeds to plant 1 Wonder Flower. 

  • Mature Flower drops Dissolution Spells and a few seeds.

  • You will only get enough seeds for 7 flowers, then a few more seeds to make another 3.  Visit neighbours for Dissolution Spells

50% Fertilizer can be bought in the market to speed up production. Click a planted garden bed to find and buy the fertilizers.

Dissolution Spells: collect these from fully grown Wonder Flowers and from visiting neighbours and clicking interactive statues. 

Spell Formula: found in tomes on the land

Quartz Mica: found in Blue Quartz on the land

Sorcery Pendant: made in the Cauldron

Magic Graphite: found in the dungeons

Knowledge Diamond: exchange Magic Graphite at the Magic Blackboard


Talk to the Gardener, the leader of all the dwarves at the academy!


Used to be a vat of soup, now it's charmed. Here you can make items and spells needed in Sorcery Academy.






Tune the Magic-o-meter to find the hidden tomes





Villain's Trick

Evidence of the mysterious Skeptic's power, it won't let you interact with nearby objects until you destroy it



Wicket Gate

Enchanted by the Skeptic to destabalize the work of the Academy. Cast a spell






He wants to be a doctor but his handwriting is too readable!  Ask him how to apply the dissolution spell.



Magic Blackboard

A simple device for the magicians' complex tasks.  Collect Magic Graphite in Sorcery Repository to wipe the Skeptic's spell from the board. 




Book rack

Will take you to Sorcery Repository (portal dungeons)

  • There are TWO types of dungeon and they appear randomly.

  • One type of Dungeon is cleared normally by using energy.

  • The second type is cleared by using Dissolution Spells!! Gold, Silver and Diamonds do use energy in these dungeons.


Lift the spell


Academy Warden

He decided to repeat his year in Sorcery Academy to help Sorcery Teachers



Sorcery Teachers

Find the 5 Sorcery Teachers and lift the spell


Magic Frames

The place where the Sorcery Teachers' shadows are imprisoned, place the teachers in front of the correct frames, then click the teacher to check.

Click the mirror to change the image if you don't have a matching image/character. 

Penguin Skeptic

He used to be one of the Academy's best students!



Splinters and Magic Sparks

Dry the Enchanting Splinters the place 6 splinters of matching colours around each spark, matching the design of the spark..

EXAMPLE ONLY:  Everyone will have different puzzles. 


Move any two of the 3 sparks to the positions shown beside the Sorcery Grail.

Take the Grail home


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