Snow Fortress

Temporary event at home Estates. 

Clear the Snow Drifts and throw Snowballs at your friends. 

Snowdrifts appear only on Estates.

New levels!!  10 new levels have been added to the game!

Regeneration has ended.

You can collect from Snow Blowers until Midnight Thursday 27 PDT time

Share or Archive the game news (open your mail)!! 

Place the Snow Fortress and the Snow Blower on your HOME Estate

The final reward for a fully upgraded Snow Fortress is a SKIN for the Grindstone!

This allows you to make energy in the Grindstone!


Crisp Snow:  Chop Snowdrifts that appear on home Estates and visit neighbours to click their Snow Blowers. 

Blocky Snowball:  Made in the Grindstone - throw Snowballs at your neighbours to get Snowflakes collections!!

Surprise Snowball:  Exchange Snowflakes collection to get these.  Used to upgrade the Snow Fortress

Snowdrifts:  Regenerate every 12 hours on Home Estates only. A maximum of 4 small & 3 large drifts can regenerate. 

Snow Fortress

Use Surprise Snowballs to upgrade the Snow Fortress.

Make Surprise Snowballs in the Grindstone.

















The final reward for a fully upgraded Snow Fortress is a 'Skin for the Grindstone' apply this to the Grindstone using the Architects' Guild. 

You can now make energy at the Grindstone:

Winter Fresh: 150 energy




You can make energy until 23:59, 26 December 2018. The recipe will then disappear from the Grindstone.

A fully upgraded Snow Fortress can be turned to a huge heap of gifts when completed.  If you don't fully upgrade the Snow Fortress it can be turned to a heap of gifts when the timer ends. 

Snow Blower

Share or Archive the Game News.  Place the Snowblower on you Estate.  When neighbours visit your Snowblower you will receive Crisp Snow and other useful materials.


Make Blocky Snowballs




Find the Blocky Snowballs in your storage/production tab and send these to friends, you and your friend will receive Snowflakes collection elements to exchange for Surprise Snowball

Snowflakes Collection

Throw Blocky Snowflakes at your friends, you and your friend will receive Snowflake Collection elements!!

Exchange for Surprise Snowballs

Snowflake collection CAN NOT be gifted - this is a mistake in the tool tip.

Early Snow

What is the main thing to do at the beginning of a snow fight?  Not painting it, Chisello!  The main thing is to remember where your snow shovel is!





Dig some Snowbanks before they melt.

Accept the Snow Fortress from the news mail and place it out at your Estate.

Accept the Snow Blower from the news mail and place it out at your Estate. 

First day there was enough snow for both the Kingdom to look beautiful and for us to build the Snow Fortress.  Well, we wish there was... 

More.  Snow.  Needed.

Early snowbanks pleased the eye for a short while: someone swift-handed built a snow statue of himself.  Good thing this someone was just twenty inches tall so the snow sufficed for the statue...





Visit a friends estate and make use of the Snow Blower

Make some Blocky Snowballs at the Grindstone

Throw a Blocky Snowball right at a friend

Though Crisp Snow from the Snow Blower is not that real, it can significantly damage rivals' fortresses! Look at this breach!

Put your hat on

Put your hat on!' George's mom used to say whenever he left home without putting on warm clothes. Having mom distressed is the last thing a well-behaved dwarf wants to do. This is why George is in his hat up till now.





Complete some Snowflakes Collections

Strenghten the base of the Snow Fortress (upgrade the Snow Fortress to level 3)

Snowball fight gets real! It's time to start producing snowballs industrially!

Experience has proven that Blocky Snowballs can fly farther and faster if you throw them in red mittens!

This is war!

Whoever brings a burning torch will melt from a burning torch!





Friends don't seem to learn the lesson well! Come on, give them a snowball attack!

Complete the Snow Fortress and show your friends who the boss is!

One day the best marksman will be sitting atop a snow throne, triumphing and eating an ice-cream. Now there's no time to relax. We have a minute to eat an ice-cream, though.

Hit me with a snowball!

I look at Gail and can't recognize my darling: she is all covered with snow! I didn't even notice it was that snowy. Wait a second, I'll rub my eyes...





Apply the 'Fortress' style onto the Grindstone

Process any gem at the Grindstone

Make some Winter Fresh at the Grindstone (available together with the 'Fortress' style)

News from the neighboring Snow Fortress: every snowflake on one's beard and even on Duke Browdy's eyebrows is unique and is worth to be perused carefully.

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