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Signal Source

The second land in the Summer Atlantis series. 

To reach Signal Source you need to make the Sonar in Father's Workbench on Secret Hideout.

Install the Sonar to your Airship and set off for Signal Source.

New Materials

Underwater Tool: Found in Toolboxes then can be produced in the Underwater Laboratory

Quartz Sand: found in piles of sand (columns)

Corals: found in corals on the sea floor

Starfish: Found in Star Colonies

Algae: found in Algae thickets on the sea floor

Bait fish: can be found in Fish Schools.

Turpentine: Made in the Decayed Laboratory

Fishing Net:

Fluorescent Mushroom:

Monkfish Lantern: reward for successfully placing the Monkfish in the trap

Bait: made in the decayed laboratory. Needed to trap Monkfish

New Resources

Star Colony: use Underwater Tools then collect Starfish

Fluorescent Mushroom:

Toolboxes: find Underwater Tools here.

Column: drop Quartz Sand

Underwater Laboratory

The source of the mysterious signal








Star Colony

Use Underwater tools to free the colony then chop them down for Starfish



Large star colony

Small star colony

Entrance to the Coral Grotto

Entrance to the Coral Grotto





Coral Grotto

Find the Fluorescent Mushroom and give to the Crab Assistants

Take the Golden Shell rewards and place these around the Atlantis Artifact.

Click the Atlantis Puzzle to check your puzzle -- then click YES to check it.

Crab Helper

Give each crab:


Atlantis Puzzle

Place the shells into the empty spaces around the Puzzle.

Click the Puzzle then click YES to check your placement

Atlantis' Artifact

Artifact of an ancient civilization.  It's not clear what it does but father believes it will point us towards Atlantis.

Go back to Signal Source.  Place the artifact on the land there.

Click the Artifact to activate it! this will take you out of this land and you will not be able to come back! 
Collect all your treasures and resources to storage first

After activating the Artifact, you can no longer return to this location!

What?!  It all was just an illusion?!  You can not play with people's feelings so cruelly!  If it were a script of some strange game, I would very much like to look into the face of that mean weirdo who come up the the idea!

We have entered a new land..............

Decayed Laboratory

No one has used this laboratory for a long time, but we can still use this.











Limit 10




Limit 2

Illusion Clouds

Makes it impossible to find the source of mirages.  Use Turpentine to dissolve the cloud


Schools of Fish

Use Fishing Net to catch the schools of fish to make Bait


Sleeping Octopus

The real culprit behind illusions in the nearby area.  Wake the Octopus with Turpentine to find out what it knows about father.



We need to lure the Monkfish into the trap.  Make a line from the tongue of the Monkfish to the Fish Trap


Place the first bait as far as possible into the mouth of the Monkfish.. then build the line to the trap. Use the yellow line to line up the baits, get each one as close as possible to the one before it.

Once you have placed the first bait click the Monkfish - if the Monkfish is RED then the bait is wrong, try again.

 If there is an error the last correctly placed bait will glow Red so adjust the bait after this one.

Howard the Octupus

Creates illusions to hide from the Monkfish.  Help Howard and he'll sleep peacefully.. and will also tell us where father set out to..

Talk to Howard


Collect your Atlantis Artifact and take it home!!

Depth's whisper

The sonar detected a strange object on the sea bottom nearby! I am glad you came up with your idea to install the sonar onto the Bathyscaphe!

The signal comes from the dark sea depth. I wonder who can call us on a date so deep under water.





Make a Sonar on Father's Workbench in Secret Hideout.

Install the Sonar onto your vehicle

Set out to Signal Source

The ocean covered up the whole laboratory! But what was investigated in these walls away from prying eyes? It remains to be seen...

The Lost Continent

On his search for the lost continent, father lost his whole family. Can this be the moment when we'll finally find father and father will discover the Atlantis?





Find some Toolboxes and open them

Restore the Underwater Laboratory (upgrade the Underwater Laboratory to level 2)

Father spent his whole life dreaming. What if Atlantis is nothing but fantasy?

Long-awaited meeting

My father has never been sentimental. Secrets of the underwater grotto should shed some light on his silent manner!





Apply the Underwater Tools on the Star Colony

Collect some Starfish

Open the Coral Grotto Entrance with the help of Starfish

You know, it always seemed to me that this meeting would take place in a different vein ... Well, let's fulfill the request, especially since it does not seem too complicated.

Shroud of secrecy

Did Father really need that much time to find this grotto? Although... it seems there is another mystery...





Collect some fluorescent mushrooms

You may be unaware that one of my passions is gathering seashells on a sandy beach. This is definitely nothing like a sandy beach, but there are plenty of shells here too!

The power of the artifact

If finding the underwater artifact is father's lifetime project, we must help him find the thing no matter what.





Solve the Atlantis' Puzzle with the help of the Golden Shells you found

Place the Atlantis' Artifact out in Signal Source and apply it

Father sent us for this artifact... Was it really father? If not him, then who was it?

Dreams Generator

It feels like somebody penetrated my mind and created a series of mirages. I wonder who could it have been.





Make some Turpentine x 3

Apply the Turpentine on the Illusion Cloud x 3

Find the source of mirages

The source of mirages clearly has a mind and is able to control the space around...

A giant's shadow

We finally found the cause of this mess! The sleeping octopus is the one to blame! It's time to bring this giant to books!





Wake up the Sleeping Octopus (upgrade the Sleeping Octopus to level 2)

Make several Fishing Nets x 2

Make a few Baits for the Monkfish

Obviously, until the Monkfish is caught, this giant will always be too scared to talk!

Old friends

Howard used to be a great friend of father's, which means he is our friend too. To help a friend is a matter of honor!





Send the Monkfish straight to the Underwater Trap with the help of Baits

Talk to Howard the Octopus and find out how he met the father

This was a curious adventure! I feel I'll find some answers soon!

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Signal Source- resources

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