Riddle Valley

Read all characters stories and take note of them.  

ROYAL TIP: clear the first area and listen to all the stories first. Then answer the first 5 questions of the Quiz (they include the info you learn from the characters in this very area). Do the same when moving further in the land. 

Materials & Resources

Family Advice: Found in Family Trees on the land

Generational Bridge: Made at the Definition Dictionary

Generational Bridge: Made at the Definition Dictionary

Promptium: Underground deposits. Use geologists. 

Words of Gratitude: Royal Quiz and in the Queens Secret room. 

Thread of Logic: Found in Fall DIYs

Q-sign: Made at the Definition Dictionary and found in Riddle Cubes on the land

Golden Chestnut: Reward from Treasure Hunters. 

Wiseman Tokens: Answer quiz questions. 

Definition Dictionary





1 minute




5 minutes




10 minutes




50 minutes

Sad George

A gifted creator of the Royal Quiz.  He's sad because his relatives are missing and he's hungry.

Need to give him 4                 after completing all tasks.  

Sitting Dwarf

He writes down all the good things that happened to him this year: 10 pages in each book volume. ​ Help him. 




Library Dwarf

I found the book but I cna't leave my workplace, it is not allowed by the rules of the library. 



Treasure Hunters.

Tend each Treasure Hunter and then wait for the Golden Chestnuts

Court Dwarf

Wants to know how many feathers are in the tail of the most beautiful Turkey in the Kingdom.  We must find the turkeys and help the Dwarf inspect their feathers. 

Use the move tool to move the Dwarf next to each Turkey, click the turkey to check.  You do need to do 4 Turkeys. 

Salty Tomato, Pumpkin Pie, Royal Pepper & Bigfoot. 

Made at the Skilled Cook. Limit one of each.  Place each item in the correct place shown on the land to feed the Bigfoot. 

Queen's Secret Room

Access the Secret Room through the Enchanted Sphere next to Bigfoot. Find Magicians' Gratitude and Marvellous Barrels


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