Riddle Desert

It's time for a new adventure, Riddle Desert is waiting. 

This is quite a complicated Release!  

Materials & Resources

Palm Blade: Found when chopping Steel Palms

Papyrus: Found when chopping Papyrus Stems

Decorative Blocks: Found when chopping Pyramids 

Scarab: Found in the dungeons ONLY when wearing the Pharaoh's outfit

Palm Wedge: Made at Irwin the Archaeologist.

Cobra Scale: Found when chopping Desert Cobras

Quintessence: Found in the dungeons (10 in each dungeon)

Philosopher's Stone: Exchange Quintessence for these in the Sphinx. (click the green arrow for page 2 in the Sphinx)

Artifacts: Found on Riddle Desert in Ancient Treasures (the chest when a new area unlocks), apply to the Royal Museum to unlock crafts.

Restorer's Tent: Make at Irwin the Archaeologist - will chop Pyramids for you

Elixirs: Exchanged for in the Mystic's Cube, used to make decorations in the Royal Museum and build the Sphinx. 

Royal Museum

Buy the Royal Museum in the Market and place it on your home Estate. 

Artifacts are found on Riddle Desert when opening the chest rewards, take this home and add it in the collection tab of the Royal Museum. 

The Pharaohs Costume can be made here

You also make a new skin for the Workshop here.  Open your Architect's Guild to use this. 

Irwin the Archaeologist








Black Water

Cover the Black water with Papyrus to match the puzzle.  Look carefully at the puzzle. 

The rows must match the numbers: II is two blocks together. I I are two blocks apart. 

If you really cannot do this, keep clicking the Pedestal to check, it will point to the ones that are wrong. 

The next area will open, take the rewards from the chest.

More examples
black 2.png

We need to restore the Sphinx.

Once it is restored exchange Quintessences for Philosopher's Stones here to use in the Mystic's Cube. 

Philosopher's Stone

Click here to start getting Philosopher's stone for the Mystic's Cube

Head to the dungeons to get Quintessence!



This will open the next area on the land where you can collect Cobra Scales to make the new outfit for the dungeons.  Make this as soon as possible. 

Mystic's Cube

Exchange materials and Philosopher's Stone here to get Elixirs. 

Philosopher's Stone can be exchanged for Quintessences at the Sphinx.

Quintesses are found in the dungeons. 

What you receive is random but try using an Amphora in each combination plus wood and stone. 

Desert Cobra

Found in the last area of the land once the Sphinx has been upgraded.





Second riddle of the Sphinx

Solve the riddle of the Sphinx so it will reveal it's secrets.  Find all 4 animal figurines, Jackal, Falcon, Monkey & Crocodile.  Arrange them in the 4 spaces of the Sphinx according to the riddle.

Everyone has different riddles so you can't copy another player. 


Follow the riddles to arrange the figures. 


Found on Riddle Desert




Found only in the dungeons when wearing the new Pharaoh Costume.

You must have your Pharaoh Costume on and you MUST be standing very close to the Scarab Chest to see it and collect from it. (like the Bigfoot)

There is a chest in every dungeon



Materials that can be used in the Mystic's Cube

There is no wrong or right for this, it does seem that the more Philosopher's Stones are used for the Transfiguration the more elixirs you will get. You can see how many stones are being used just above the Transfiguration button. 

Try adding 1 Amphora to the materials you exchange

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