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Mail Order

Clan Event #3

The third Magic Duels Clan event.

High Darkness has cast a spell to break the connections between the Kingdoms residents, is you clan strong enough to overcome this evil and destroy his dark spells?

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New & important information

Clan Chat

Accessed from the Clan menu or the Clan Tower

This is a two week event, it will finish October 23, 23:59 PST.  Some land areas are available until October 16, 23:59 PST only.  Take NOTE of the TIMERS

There are 40 Literacy Shards in the 3 locations available in Time Machine.


We get 100 clan points in each of these lands (300 in total). 60 Clan Points in Mail Order land. +100 points for returning Literacy to the Dwarves.

30 levels of the Castle Dungeons will give another 300 Clan Points.  Plus the Cups and Blitz Pennants for more points. 


There are no guides for Clan events!  This is a team event and teams must communicate to explore the lands and gather Clan points.

Authority Points
  • There is no NEW upgrade for the Clans but you can get Authority from the Labyrinths if you have not done the first upgrade yet. 

  • Authority Points stay with the clan, they do not disappear if a clan member leaves. They will carry over to the next Clan event if you do not upgrade this time.

  • Once your Clan is upgraded to level 2 you CAN NOT earn more Authority, all Authority is converted to Coin!

  • You can do a maximum of 30 Labyrinths, there are 5 Authority Chests per level.

Castle Dungeons

The Castle Dungeons have 1 Cup in each dungeon which gives 10 Clan Points. You can do a maximum of 30 Dungeons.  The bomb in the dungeons really is not worth making, you cannot take it with you.


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