Lost'n'Found Kingdom

Befriend Archie and set out to find the lost items.

Share the game news and then place McManus on your Estate

Fill orders to receive Gratitude. 

Click the Gratitude counter (under energy counter) to exchange for useful items and decorations. 


Your true friend!  

"My nose is good, my ears are sharp!  He will help you find things lost after the hurricane.  He will also bring help find special items when you take him visiting friends. 

Click Archie to talk then click him again to place him in your Backpack - put him in the Pet Slot. 

Warning:  Archie will only be with us for the duration of the land release. 

Lost things

Find and chop the Lost Things

You can find: 

Eagle Eye

Find the Eagle Eyes, they will help you get rid of Suspicious Objects. 


Suspicious Objects

Transform the Suspicious Objects to see what they really are. 

Needed 1


Find the Portal and travel to the next Kingdom.

Find Lost Socks and Keys and Glasses.


Needs Socks


Needs Hat


Archies' Owner, help reunite them.

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