Temporary Releases

If you are a newer player read the update releases before starting temporary quest lines. This game guide is usually updated within 24 hours of a release and also provides helpful information such as a list of quests. You can determine if a release is beyond your capability, harder than you want to try or something you just don't want to do. A lot of frustration can be avoided if you do this.


Releases that have regenerating items and floating balloons to click ALWAYS use all three lands: Home, Emptyland, and Dwarfville. If you only have Home available, these quest lines may not be possible to complete. If you do not clear the items, new ones will not appear. When the event is over you may be able to sell them so you will at least get coins. If there is a structure involved DO NOT put it on your estate until you know whether you can complete it.

Timer on the land. Clearing rewards available for clearing in a certain time.  

Hidden Sesame series of lands
Sesame header.png
sezam3_main (1).png

37  Hidden Sesame

38 Golden Sands

39 Adil's Palace

sezam4 dream meadow.png

40 Dreamy Meadow

Magic Duels
Home Territories




Faraway Lands numbered in the order they were released.

Lands that can not yet be colonised:   Court Intrigues, Magic Duels, Adil's Palace

The First Lands

To build the Castle you need access to Lake of Sorrow, Mountain Valley, Battlefield & Blackwood for some of the materials.  Old Lighthouse acts as a tutorial for new players, follow the quests carefully and take note of how the Faraway lands work.

Old Lighthouse

2 Lake of Sorrow

12. Enchanted Forest

6 Swampland

3 Mountain Valley

4 Blackwood

5 Battlefield

11. Treasure Island

A lot of materials for the Babylon gardens here

No particular order

17 & 29 can be done to finish the Astrology Tower & Fairytale Leadlight. Merchant Ship has a lot of resources you may need to finish other lands. 


17 Guardians of Oblivion

29. Forbidden Library

30. Merchant Ship

Lands 7-10

Lands 7-10 are needed to build the Gardens of Babylon.  Some of the recipes also use the first 5 lands for materials. All these lands have puzzles associated with them, pipelines, blueprint and hedges. You must do these in order as each land relies on the one before it to make the travel item needed to reach it.

7 Lava Craters

8 Sunny Savannah

9 Architect's Manor

Treasure Island

A lot of materials for the Babylon gardens can be found here

10 Abandoned Park

Eastern Lands - Oriental themes

14 Way of the Dragon

15 Ancient Temple

Pirate Lands

Must be done in order

16 Abandoned Lands

18 Ghost Town

19 Ancient Waterfall

20  Rebel Harbor

Lands of the Far North

21 Blumburg

22 Monde-Thierry

23 Magisterium Campus

24 Northern Coast

Atlantis Lands

25 Secret Hideout

26 Signal Source

27 Lost Ships Island


28 Atlantis

Weather Lands

32 Weatherland

33 Synoptis

34 Winterfair

36 Sunfair

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