Lake of Sorrow

  • Always follow the quests, never get ahead of the quests and destroy Bandit Towers or free Prisoners unless a quest directs you to. Finish the quests then complete anything else left on the land.

  • You will find the Sword Base on Lake of Sorrow, there is one quest to load to the airship and bring it home.

  • There is also a quest to free prisoners, do not free prisoners until you reach the quest

  • Second permanent Faraway land

  • Bandits and bandit towers

  • Prisoners

  • You will find the Swords Base here

Major Tasks

  • Find and defeat a bandit, either in combat or using energy

  • Find a Siege Engine/Catapult; build this then fire it at the Bandit Tower.  You will find these items at the front of the land towards the right hand side.  Wait for the quests to direct you to begin building, then to fire. 

  • Find the Portal, in the top right of the map. Begin restoring this. 

  • Find a Prisoner and free him.

  • Finish building the portal, the clouds on the Lake Island will disappear revealing the Fairy Tree.

The quests for Mountain Valley will appear while you are working on Lake of Sorrow. 

Resources found on Lake of Sorrow
Catapults/Siege Engines

We need to first build the Catapult, then fire it at the Bandit Tower

Build the Catapult

5            +10             +2

15            +20          +10

30            +4           +10

Fire the Catapult 4 times

20            +5             +20

20            +5            +20

30            +5           +20

50            +5           +20


Find the Portal and restore this by following the quests. 

Four building stages

20            +5             +10

30            +30           +10

40            +5             +20

50            +10            +5

Fairy Tree

Once the Portal is built you will see the Fairy Tree on the Island in the Lake.

Four building stages

2             +5             +20

3             +15           +15

4             +15           +10

5            +100          +3

Recipes available in the Fairy Tree

1            = 5              +10    

1            =5               +10

1             =1              +10

1            =1               +5

1            =2               +2

1            =5               +10

1            =10             +2


The News

News from the capitol doesn't travel fast. Turns out there are huge problems in the North and the King is asking his loyal subjects for help





Some fliers fell on the grass, tell George to weed it x 5

Make planks at the Grindstone x 10

News from the capitol doesn't travel fast. Turns out there are huge problems in the North and the King is asking his loyal subjects for help


Words can't tell how much I want to travel to the Faraway Lands! Yet I'm sure Aunt and Uncle won't approve of this dangerous idea.





Visit friends x 5

I knew it! I overheard their conversation. Aunt and Uncle are strictly against my trip.

Breaking the Rules

Never before have I dared disobey my Uncle and Aunt. Yet this time, I feel it's time to fly out of the nest




Make Glass in the Workshop x 4

I did it! Very soon we will face the dangers of a true adventure!

Lets Go!

The clock struck midnight, and I still cannot make up my mind to give the pilot a signal. Yet there is no gain without pushing yourself beyond your limits.





Plant some sunflowers, you can use them to make fuel x 20

Make fuel in the Workshop (open 'Special' tab) x 30

I did it! Very soon we will face the dangers of a true adventure!

To the Lake

Take your seat buddy, we're going to the Lake of Sorrow! Hope this trip won’t end up badly.





Go to the Lake of Sorrow to begin your trip to the North

It's so beautiful here! Yet I have no time to admire the views; the impassable thickets of this land can hide an ambush.

Through the Debris

I need to clear some space and set up a camp. The nights are cold here, but I won't start a fire. I just don't want to attract some random freezing bandit.





Click on a Goosefoot at least FIVE times in a row to get a minimum combo x 1

Load any bundle of brushwood into the Airship, you can use it at home x 1

I didn't get far. This work takes tons of Energy. What's that rustling in the bushes? No, it just seemed that way!

Northerner's Fate

North has never been peaceful. This time the situation got completely out of control and even the royal army hasn't managed to defeat the northerners





Clear some space by breaking up stones and load several bundles of stones onto the Airship x 3

Engage in combat and defeat or chase away with Energy at least one bandit at the stockade x 1

The northerners are good people caught in bad circumstances. Hunger made some lapse into their old ways and go raiding and robbing their neighbors. Others became mercenaries fighting against the royal army.

Old Wounds

As far as I know, the revolt against the Crown has not been supported by many people. If I find allies, we'll defeat Lord de Winter's army at a strike





Retreat for now, returning home!

Unload the Airship

Something does not add up here. It seems de Winter had personal motives for such a desperate step. Strong grievance? Old wounds?


Harvest Sunflowers, you need seeds for fuel x 25



The Airship took me high enough to see something I don't like. Looks like there is a tower full of villains nearby.



Make fuel in the Workshop (open 'Special' tab) x 100

Load fuel into the Airship from Storage.

You'll need to ask Uncle for advice! Hope he won't be too angry at you for your disobedience. Shall we?

Veteran's Advice

Uncle frowned and said: never give up. Then he told me how to make a catapult that'll destroy the tower.





Load the planks you need to restore the Siege Engine into the hold x 5

We'll need lots of wood. Find bundles of wood at the Lake of Sorrow x 5

Start restoring the Siege Engine

We did all we were told to, but we only managed to make the wheels. Work is going slowly when you are constantly expecting an attack.

Take the Fence 

I see the bandits have settled here nicely. See that stockade? I'd advise you to dismantle it and load it on the ship. The bandits might think of revenge!





The Lake is rich in Clay, load a few trays into the Airship x 4

Select the "hold" option and load two pieces of stockade into the hold

Do a large COMBO (26 clicks or more) on an OAK or MAPLE

Well, it's a nice stockade; I like it; if we seal up the holes with clay it'll be a work of barbaric art.

Sour Shot

I was delving through the manuscripts the other day and found a siege engine recipe. You'll need some lemons, better plant them in advance!





Plant a few Lemon Seedlings x 15

Don't let your work slide, raise some sheep to stock up on wool x 5

When the lemons ripen I'll make a hand grenade! Beware, bandits, for I am dreadful and cunning.

Dinner on Schedule

Let me give you some advice! If you have Idols or a Mate, don’t forget about them in your travels. You shouldn't forget your friends either. What if the bandits go on a raid - how will you fight back?





Visit 3 Knights and knock on their Tents, x 15

Take care of the Knights, help them clean up x 25

Complete and exchange a Heraldry collection 

Right as rain now! I hope my sweet Idols won't forget about me now. Nor about my food

Squadron Fire

Looks like everything is ready for firing! Load up and let 'em have it… Although, I don’t like the look of the lights in this tower. I bet they're plotting something!





Fire the first shot from the Catapult

Fire the second shot from the Catapult

Finish the darn Tower and load the Main Bandit's Treasure into the Airship

Oaf, we barely managed… Look how the treasure chests are shining! There are scrolls too!

Portal in the Fog

Our task is to find the portal to the island. They say it is a circular structure. Be ready for dangerous encounters; looks like our captain has also been doing some digging and sent a detachment of bandits there





Find and begin to restore the Portal

Complete and exchange and Ancient Coin collection

Right by the portal we saw a terrible view. Apparently, the ghastly bandits were torturing a cute dwarfess!

Quests for Mountain Valley now appear, some of these quests can be done on either land.


Unbelievable! They have chained them up and make them work! I hate the villains. We have to think of something to free the prisoners. Else, I won't fly anywhere any more!





Complete and exchange a Key Collection to get a chisel

Free any prisoner (can be done on Mountain Valley)

Get the Shackles by unloading Prisoner's Gift at home

We freed a prisoner! He disappeared, but left his gratitude!

Portal Lights

You have to finish the portal to get to the Lake - is this simple idea clear? If it is - get on with it now! In the meantime I'll talk to our cute prisoner!





Mix up some Cement to restore part of the Portal

Make a simple Dove dress so as not be be conspicuous in the woods

Build the Portal to the Lake

I am on the island! I see that the Fairy Tree is in an awful state. It needs to be healed right away, any way possible!

Fairy Tree

Look, how sad; how the once-magnificent tree has wilted and dried up. Let's hurry and heal it. Can't wait to get to the Blackwood too. Hopefully, we won't get lost there.





Get some Silk to bandage the Tree x 5

You'll need Ladders - a human is not a tree x 5

Heal the Fairy Tree - Construct the tree

The Tree has bloomed and it is magnificent! I can hear the whisper of invisible fairies. They whispered new recipes to me! But I don't see the ones I really need!!!


What the heck? Where is the recipe for the Wind Rose? It's not at the City Hall nor at the Tree! How is that possible… I don't even know what to say, but I feel like crying…





Make a couple of Cherry Brandies - the Pilot's distressed.  You too.  x 2

Visit your friends and unwind x 5

They say working with soil is calming.  Tell George to make a few beds x 3

Great deeds are in store for me, but I'll have to wait a bit. Well, at least there are no more Bandits either at the Lake of Sorrow or in the Mountain Valley and the dwarves are free. And I, I will wait.

Lake of Sorrow Map
Lake of Sorrow Map
Colony requirements
  • Empty the Fairly Tree storage. It should be empty.

  • Collect all chests, baskets, bundles of grass and logs from the territory.

  • Free all the prisoners, destroy the towers and take away the swords base.

  • Kill all monsters.

  • Clear 30% of the land of stones and plants.

  • Complete the "Fairy Tree" quest.