Important Information

On 30th March, Knights & Brides announced changes to correct the balance of the game and to stop cheating and black market practices.  You can read this announcement here

Details of the changes can now be found on the Fan Page here

On 12 March further changes were made

Combo, Royal Garden & Royal Gardener

Combo Chop 

All players now have this option when working on Faraway lands, it can be found on the bottom toolbar on the left hand side

Royal Garden 

  • Available to players with a VIP level of Gold or higher (guide to VIP)

  • This is a new piece of land on home estates

Royal Gardener

  • In the Garden there is a Royal Gardener. He will harvest and tend all your dahlias (and other flowers) that you have in your Estate

  • If you want to have a Royal Gardener in your other home lands, you can buy this helper in the VIP Market. Royal Gardeners cannot be moved from one land to another; they become inactive once the VIP runs out, they can be reactivated if the player gets VIP status again.

  • Royal Gardener now has 4 Dwarf Workers!! 

Changes to gifting limits & limits on certain items

As part of Vizor's effort to make the game fairer, discourage the use of bots and the creation of multiple accounts (3 and more), they have introduced the following changes:

Normal Daily gift limit was doubled (from 25,000 coins to 50,000), while the special gift limit for couples and idols decreased.  This has been further increased to 100,000!!

Admirer limit is now default 100,000 plus 10,000 for each Admirer/Idol

Couple limit was 333,333 is now 250,000

Gift limits also increase with VIP levels (guide to VIP)

  • The price to zero the gift limit for a friend, couple or admirer is now 50 rubies. It now costs 25 rubies to remove an idol (1 removal a day is still free).

  • Amberine cannot be gifted anymore; a player can now accept up to 20 bottles, 60 seeds, 45 grapes, 5 emerald potions and 15 glass per day.

  • Collection elements now have a value of 500 coins each 

  • Amber Potions: players can receive only 5 per day

Interactions on Home Estates
  • The limit of interactions friends can do at one's Estate was raised from 100 to 700! It has now increased to 1500!!  Plus, each VIP level from bronze to platinum offers +50 to that limit. The other VIP levels give +100 each. The limit of interactions with golden hands remains intact (3,000 a day).

  • Towers of Love do not boost the interactions limit anymore. If you have several, you can safely sell some of them and make room for other buildings and decorations.​

Mail Limit

Mail limit has been increased to 200

So let's see what these changes bring about, and have patience and understanding, reserve judgement until we can see the results and be able to make informed suggestions to the Vizor K&B team.