Build a Halloween city!! 

Materials & Resources

Magic Sign: from Sorcerer's Grimoire in the Catacombs. Used to open Enchanted Chests in the Catacombs

Wizard's Scroll: Used at Mr Skeleton in the Catacombs.

Thrill Token: found in Vessels of Fear in the Ancient Catacombs. Use on the Roulette wheel. 

Vampire Manager

The owner of the Grand Blumburg Hotel, has promised to build a town for his daughter, Melanie.

Buy Chests, Houses and Decoration here for the City!  You cannot use these at home. 

Chests found on the land or bought from the Vampire Manager contain Cards that are used to purchase housing, paths and decoration for the new town. 

Suggestion: Don't upgrade decorations and houses yet, build the city layout then upgrade houses first.  It is often better to buy more decorations rather than upgrade them - check the benefits carefully. 

Mayor's Office

Keep track of your city building here and collect rewards for reaching milestones. 


Place houses on the land.  Join houses with paths.  Path must be continuous from the very beginning.  Once the house is correctly joined by a path residents will appear in the house. 

Increase the number of residents by upgrading the house and placing decorations around the house. 

Click houses to see how many residents live there and to upgrade them, you can also see how many bonus residents you will get for placing decorations. 

Explore and experiment with houses, paths and decorations.


Found in chests are used to purchase and upgrade items bought at the Vampire Manager

Cards too can be used only on certain level houses and decorations. 

Ancient Catacombs

Can be found Chests with Cards plus:

Sorcerer's Grimoire

An old book with numerous spells. Contains Magic Signs

Vessel of Fear

Open it to find a Thrill Token

Enchanted Chest

Magic Sign from the Sorcerer's Grimoire is needed to unlock this chest


Contains a Wizards Scroll - used to make clothing at Mr Skeleton

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