Hidden Sesame

Welcome to Hidden Sesame, the land of hot sands and hotter than hot tempers, noisy bazaars, hospitable people, and exciting tales of love and envy that will make your blood boil!


This is a new PERMANENT land, available for players at level 15 and up. This land is replayable. Your choices have an impact on the story.

Find Hidden Sesame on your map and set out on the adventure of a lifetime!

On the mountaintop you will find the Magic Lamp. It is a special lamp that shows the progress of the story based on your choice. You can click ‘Restart’ to reset the quests. There are prizes at the end of each storyline (a new airship and a clickable decoration), and an additional prize for completion of Hidden Sesame (both sets of quests)

Materials & Resources

Dates: Found when chopping Date Palms

Date Candy: Made at the Mountain Master

Servant's Glove: Tend the servants 

Mimicry Elixir: From the Palace Maids

Convincing Look: find the Staring Bush

Flying Carpet: reward for completing the STEAL part of the land

Lamp: reward for completing the GROW part of the land


Meet Adil, a poor young man who is desperate to meet the beautiful Princess from the Palace. You are not a Jinn, but you can make his wish come true!










or 10

Chico wants more food. Decide if you want to steal it or grow it! Your reward depends on the choice you make. 


• Unlock the Bazaar (west gate). Beware: Caliph’s spies are on the lookout for thieves!

• Steal dates from Date Palms.

• Make Date Candy at the Mountain Master’s.

• Feed Chico.

• Look for the gate to the Palace Square.



Here you will find Servants and Maids – they can help you get inside the Palace, but for a tasty price!

• Persuade Servants to give you Scattered Things. Look for Servants' Gloves inside.

• Match the carpets to the Maids’ outfits. Get Mimicry Elixirs.

• The final ingredient is a Convincing Look! Find it in a Staring Bush.


Open, Palace Door! Adil is coming! … Oh no! Caliph’s spies saw you stealing! You were tossed into the Dark Labyrinth. Don’t lose heart, you will find a way!

• Find your way through the dark maze to Adil’s beloved.


• Unlock the Garden (south gate).

• Buy Date Palms from Kind Neighbor. Take good care of them, and they will give you enough dates to feed an army of hungry Chicos.

• Plant, water, and harvest. A special fertilizer can be purchased from Kind Neighbor if you're in a hurry.

• Make Date Candy at the Mountain Master’s.

• Look for the gate to the Palace Square.

Mountain Master

Production building on the Mountain Top










Needed to reach Golden Sands

Magic Lamp

Here you can check your progress, collect rewards and reset the land. 

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