Forbidden Island

A dangerous land filled with bandits.  Find the Broken Airships.

Make a new Airship here, it is the same capacity and fuel reserves as the Big Airship from the market. 

If you decide to use this  you will lose any fuel already in your Airship fuel tanks and any upgrades.
Your travel items will return to storage, some will be in the Other tab and some in Production. 

At Home

Share or archive the game news, place the Royal Engineer and the Magitory on your Estate

Bookcases will regenerate on the home Estate every 12 hours. A maximum of 5 large and 3 small at any one time.

Chop these to get Blueprints.

Swap these for Parts at the Migatory

Blueprints: found in the Bookcases

Parts: Fill orders at the Magitory using Blueprints to get Parts 

Magitory Upgrades










Forbidden Island

There are 5 gangs of 15 monsters, 60 energy to transform and one Gang of 1 Icicle Monster, 150 energy. Fight the monsters to save energy.  

The pilot will process the Airships or you can use bombs

3 geology Diamond Deposits plus draconite, silver and some diamonds in the large Pots from Dragon Bones

Find the Sandcastle in the top corner to get energy and a Big Bomb.

WARNING:  If you take Parts from Forbidden Island to upgrade the Magitory you will still need to process the Bookcases at home to get enough Parts to build the new Paraglider

There is no interactive decoration from this land.

Parts: found in the ruined Airships on the land and at home sending Blue Prints to the Royal Engineer 

Super Parts: found Dragon Catapults on the land

Dragon Catapults: resource gives Super Parts


Will process the ruined Airships





Kate's Paraglider














The new ship

The hold and fuel tank are the same size as the large air ship and the pirate ship, so if you are using the original airship this is an upgrade.

Remember you lose fuel and upgrades when you switch, so plan accordingly if you want to use it.

Your navigation aids will need to be reloaded. You will find them in two places. Some are in 'other' section of Storage and the rest will be at the end of 'production.'

Advantages to this ship are the smaller profile.

When you take the Paraglider home you must unload it manually from the Airship. 

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