Festive Island

Set out for Festive Island and talk to Uncle Bill to learn what’s happening here. 

Materials & Resources

Sweet Potato: Made from Yam Tubers found on the land

Festive Treat: Made in the Festive Shop

Party Fireworks: Found in Old Fireworks

Festive Magic: Found in Party Sets on the land

Friends Gratitude: Collect from the Gratitude Generator, send to friends. 

Uncle Bill

Talk to Uncle Bill and find out all the details





Gratitude Generator

Collect Friend's Gratitude every 6 hours.  Send it to your neighbors as a sign of your friendship. Once the friend accepts it, you'll get a gift in return!

Holiday Shop

Make Festive Treats here











Talk to him and help restore the broken furniture with the help of magic. 

Talk to him again and choose a colour, Blue or Red, for the festivies. 

Click on the easel to find the right Sketch ❗️(it should match the image of the Furniture piece you placed by the easel)❗️, then click on the Furniture piece to check. Make the Party Furniture is as good as new and ready for the celebration!

Neon the Fairy

Talk to him and give him Festive Treats then choose a colour again for the festivies



Pastry Chef and Cream Cat

Find the 6 barrels of Cranberry Sauce, place each one in front of Cream Cat and then click it.  The Chef and the Cream Cat will find the best ones!!

Talk to the Cream Cat again and chose a colour for the festivities

Detective Muffin

Talk to him and give him Festive Treats then choose a colour again for the festivies



Party Guests

Talk to all the Party Guests, light the fireworks and take your reward home

Endless Gratitude: interactive decoration. 

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