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  • How do I add new neighbours or remove sleeping neighbours?
    You can have only 50 neighbours added by ID number. After this maximum you have to add new neighbours by adding Facebook Friends . You can have up to 5000 Facebook Friends. Any PENDING requests in your neighbours ID dialogue window count towards the 50 allowed so clear this out if requests have not been answered to make room for more. To delete neighbours open the Neighbour dialogue box/neighbour tab and remove them by clicking the " X " Facebook friends can only be removed by unfriending them on Facebook. Please note that removing a neighbour will not remove them from your Idols or Admirers lists, you have to remove them from there too if they are Idols/Admirers.
  • Where can I find new neighbours?
    You can post on the Fan Page wall and look there too for other players looking for friends Facebook Groups are a great place to meet players, find neighbours and get help and advice. Try joining one or two to try them out. You can use a Facebook Search for groups.
  • My score in the Glory/Betting/Harvest Cup/Blitz is not increasing
    Scores do not update in real time, there is a delay. You can reload the game to get the latest scores.
  • I am level 40, where is my XP (experience)"
    Level 40 is currently the top level in the game, all XP is now converted to coins
  • How to reach Emptyland
    At level 20 you will receive a questline with a Key icon on them, follow these quests to get a portal, place this on your land, keep following the quests and Emptyland will become available.
  • I am not getting my energy/materials when I do actions on my Estate/Camp?
    If you have bandits on your land they will steal all your items. They give these back when you defeat them.
  • Why is there no x-ray tool on my home estate?
    It is not possible, sorry. All our temp lands are identical but our home lands are individual. Most computers could not handle the processing power needed to render their home estates every time that want to use the x-ray, games would be crashing everywhere
  • My games says the Airship is out of fuel but I have plenty of fuel in storage?
    Does this happen when you are leaving your HOME estate? If so please open your Airship and make sure you have actually loaded fuel into it and the Auto button is on. If this happens when you are visiting lands then you have run out of fuel and you can not use the fuel that is in storage at your home Estate.
  • My maximum energy was xx it has now decreased?
    Are you a VIP? Has your VIP status run out? This is the only way your maximum energy can decrease, it will be restored if you buy any amount of rubies again and your VIP status is restored. See the giude for VIP here
  • How do I clean up for my Knight?
    You only get trash on your idol's land if you make the food and leave it on his table. When he eats your food you will be notified. Make food at home Visit your Idol click on his table and place the food Wait for himto eat (you will get mail when he does) Go to his land and clean up the trash. If the knight clicks the trash he can ask for help, in this case notices go out to all his Idols and Admirers so if you receive a notice it may not be your trash. Your trash from your food items can be seen by ONLY you for he first 24 hours, after this time any of his Idols can collect it.
  • My mail is disappearing? I am not getting new mail?
    Mail is removed once it is 30 days old Archives are removed after 5 days Total mail (Archives + Mail) is 200 maximum, once this number is reached you do not receive more mail until space is made for them. Archive: once you archive a message you have opened that message and received the rewards from it. It then sits in archives taking up space so delete these. In the top right corner is a button that will accept all new messages and delete them all. This is handy if you are getting a lot of dedications in a short time. You can review the rewards for these bulk messages before you actually hit the confirm button.
  • How do I ask Knights for help to clear rocks. (Unwieldy Stone/Lava rock) or defeat bandits?
    When you have a Lava rock on your land, click it, you can then remove it yourself for 10 energy or 'ask' for help. You must have admirers and/or idols to do this. The message is sent to all of them automatically when you ask for help. Lava rocks begin to appear at about level 15 Unwieldy Stone (Lava rock) Chest left after clearing the stone You can also ask Idols to help defeat bandits on your land. Click the bubble over the heads of the bandits and ask for help. This option will not be available if your Arena gates are on your land.
  • I did not get credit for Marquise when I placed in the Cup.
    Only the Glory Cup counts for titles, you need to place in the top 100 of the Glory cup 3 times.
  • How can I send a ring to my Idol
    To send a ring you need to be betrothed. Open the Fitting Room and click the RING tab to send a ring to your betrothed. If you are not betrothed then click your Idol's icon on the Neighbour Bar and choose "betrothed", you will be prompted to buy a ring. If you are betrothed to another this option will not appear. You can only send Rings to your betrothed and if you Break off the betrothal the ring will be lost. If you buy yourslef a ring this will stay in your Backpack and can be used at any time.
  • I received a message from my Idol to collect trash, but there is none there. "
    When a Knight eats a meal a message is sent to the lady who served that meal only. If a Knight then clicks on the trash he can send a message, this message goes to all his ladies so it may not be your dish he ate. Trash is only visible to the lady who served it for the first 24 hours, after this time if she has not collected it then it is visible to all his Idols. It is also possible for a Knight to pick up his own trash.
  • Game will not fully load/Buildings are missing
    Please follow these steps in this order: CLOSE YOUR GAME Clear your browser cacheClear flash cache Use the online setting manager to clear your Flash Cache. Delete all sites. Reboot your computer Use this link to load your game Your game will load slowly the first time as it downloads new information and you may have to refresh it a few times to get it downloaded completely. Do let it fully load before doing any actions.
  • Game will not load - 1
    Check your computer clock, is the date and time correct? Reset this if it is incorrect. Check your Facebook logins: Facebook/settings/security and logging You should have only one login for each device you use. Close all other logins. Use Chrome brower: Use this link to load your game Click the Secure notice on your web browser address bar. Make sure Flash is enabled, it is a good idea to allow popups too.
  • Game will not load - 2
    Check that you have the latest version of your browser. In Chrome click the 3 vertical dots in the top right hand corner, select Update. If this option is not available then you have the latest version. Try opening the game in another browser or in Facebook Gameroom.
  • Game is slow and lagging & general troubleshooting tips
    Clear your caches as described in "Game will not load - 1". Right click on your game screen, select quality: low - does this help? Your computer is running out of resources to display the game. Use Ccleaner to clean up your computer. Ask a tech savvy friend to help if you are not comfortable with this. We highly recommend Ccleaner so it is well worth using. Reboot your modem/router. Turn it off and unplug it from the wall, turn your computer off. Restart your modem and computer. Close any programs running on your computer that you do not need, check programs running in the backgroud too, they may be using resources. Check your brower addons and extentions, use just the ones you need, these can slow down the computer. Check your internet speed, is someone on your wireless network using bandwidth too? Do you use Kaspersky Virus Protection software? Allow Data Collection for Facebook in the settings on this program. Disable Kaspersky Add Blocking and see if works Updates to security software can often break the game, turn it off for just a minute then try to load the game. If the game loads then you know the cause.
  • Payments/Rubies
    Did not receive your rubies for a payment: Please check your Facebook Payment logs. It is Facebook who handles all purchases. Find your purchase/s in the logs from this link, then click the purchase to view the receipt details. If the receipt is all in order then send a copy or screen shot of the receipt including the Payment ID number and a shot description of the probem to game support (link found under the game screen.) REMEMBER TO INCLUDE your Player ID number IF your payment does not appear in your own Facebook Payment Logs then it has not been processed by Facebook, you can wait, either you will get your rubies or the purchase will be cancelled or refunded by Facebook.
  • Clearing rewards not working: I cleared 30% of the land and did not get my reward
    Clear just a little more and this will trigger, you are probably at 29.9% but the game rounds this up to 30%
  • I am trying to colonise [land] but the land tells me find all the chests/bandits.
    You do need to find all the hidden chests/treasures before you can colonise a land. You may need to find resources you have already chopped, use the x-ray tool to find these. Clear any areas of cloud or any area that is indistinct or 'fuzzy'' This is an example of what we mean. This screen shot is from Mountain Valley, there are still bandits hiding in this area that have not been found yet.
  • I placed in the top 100 why didn't I get credit for my next title?
    You must place 3 times in the Glory Cup, other cups do not count towards titles. Guide to Glory how to get a title
  • Where to look for freebies
    K&B Fan Page: links are found here regularly that give materials and sometimes energy Click the ruby counter each day, even if you are not buying rubies and collect the free gift at the bottom of this screen.
  • Too many lands
    If you are just beginning the game then everything can be overwhelming. Remember your high level neighbours may have been playing for 2 years or more and you cannot accomplish everything yet. Lands: Each week new content is released, this may be a permanent land, temporary land or an event at our home estates. Permanent Lands Do not attemt new permanent lands as soon as they are released, try working through some of the permanent lands first, there are notes about permanent lands here Temporary lands and events These can be daunting for new players, content is released for only a certain period after which the event ends and there is usually no way to finish it. You may wish to ignore temporary content while you build up your resources, the best way to do this is by completing your quests and work on Old Lighthouse then move on to Lake of Sorrow.
  • Not enough energy?
    K&B is an energy and resource management game, energy will alway be limited. The trick is to use it to best advantage. Do not try to do too much. Work on building up your economy at home rather than attempting temporary releases or each new land as it released. You will find energy hard starting the game, but as you progress it does become easier to find and make. Lack of energy often means that timed content can not be done or finished but once again as your progress timed content becomes easier to do In addition to waiting for energy to regenerate every 3 minutes, you can Visit neighbours and click the decorations that give the most energy Harvest your flowers if you have any yet You can also create energy in your Workshop under the Special Tab Open your own chests on your estate You can also purchase energy for rubies. You can conserve energy also: Let your workers do the work for you get the tin man chopping trees down and the gnome smashing those rock. That will only leave grass and weeds for you to remove, plowing your crop beds and watering your trees to cope with, remember with the tin man and the gnome taking out your rocks you won't have bandits to deal with as well if your knight doesn't fancy the fight, however you will also not get the goodies the bandits leave behind if they don't appear. Save your chests for a real energy boost
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