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This guide was written by an admin from one of the many great Facebook groups.  She has kindly agreed to share it here.  The author has never bought rubies!!

If you have not yet discovered the world of Facebook Groups then it is well worth trying.

Search Facebook for Knights & Brides groups, they are a great place to find friends.  Try one or two and if you don't like a particular one you can easily leave and try others.  
Find a group that suits you. Click here to search for Knight's & Brides groups

Managing energy is one of the most important aspects of Knights & Brides.  In the beginning it can be very frustrating and will often feel like you'll never have enough.  Please know that as you progress in the game, creating energy does get easier. Here are a few tips for creating, using and conserving energy.  This guide will not be "by the numbers" as we all play differently and you will find what style works best for you.  Instead we will just provide suggestions.

In the beginning...

As you start the game your land is filled will trees and plants.  Follow the quest lines.  Many rewards include energy.  Also note there are many "treasures"  that will have energy and materials that will help you progress.


As soon as you can, build and upgrade the sawmill and quarry and let them do the work of clearing your land of rocks, stones and trees. (these buildings cannot be stored or moved to other lands, you need to build new ones on each land.  They can be sold) Many of these items require a large amount of energy to clear. When these items have been completely cleared they will leave behind chests.   Again, those chests (treasures) may contain energy, materials or collection items. The large yellow chests will give you the greatest chance of getting energy.  You may want to leave them until you need to boost your energy for a specific task. This is a suggestion that continues throughout the game.  Learn when to collect those items.  This is the type of energy that will be added to your total even when you've reached your maximum energy level.  Be sure to collect from your sawmill and quarry often and keep them busy. They are a great help. This will also apply to Emptyland when you get there. They key is to conserve as much energy as you can.


Some people have opted to buy more than one quarry or sawmill but it is not necessary. Just upgrading to the maximum level (and even that is not necessary) should do the trick, at least on your main estate.

Topping up Energy (or Loading the Energy Bar)

When your energy is at its maximum (i.e. 26/26) use one energy by digging a bed, chopping a weed once, etc. then use an energy item such as a lila potion, Magic Egg or energy potion. This will not work if you are already on or over your maximum energy level however.

Visiting Neighbours

This is a very important resource for energy. Hover over the clickable items in your neighbour’s land to see what items may be dropped if you click on them. Many include energy that will be added even when you’ve reached maximum energy. Others may include materials or collection items that can help you create energy in the workshop. Be sure to use all of your visits daily to maximise this benefit.


The workshop is the workhorse on your estate.  Here is where you can create your own energy!  Look under the “special” tab to find energy recipes.  Many players build more workshops as money, materials and space allow.

Collect chests on Neighbours' Estates

You can collect (or steal, if you will) from chests, nests, milk cans or wool bundles on your neighbours' estates. You may need to win a jousting match in order to collect but that also adds to your experience.  Each item can only be collected once so you'll have to get there first. The owner does not lose anything by you doing this.


You can open chests which are left behind from clearing stones or trees.  If the neighbour has a portal, you may also travel to Emptyland to open chests there.  The “soup bowls” from the peacocks are interesting as well.  Chests which appear after the bride has cleaned up the mess from trash can only be opened by knights.  Chests which appear after a knight has removed a stone for an idol can only be opened by brides.

Duelling with Neighbours

This is a hint for conserving energy. You may joust against your neighbours five times per day without using energy.  Since there are many quest lines that require jousting as you begin the game this option can help fill some of those requirements.  You’ll also get the added benefit of being able to collect chests, nests, etc. (as noted above) from that estate if you win.  To joust with a neighbour, click on their icon and choose the “duel”  option (you both must have your arenas placed),  then choose to joust with a shadow. You can only duel against neighbours with the same title or lower. Don’t forget about Uncle Bill.

Lava Rocks

Knights can gain energy by clearing lava rocks on their idols’ estates just as brides can collect energy from the chests left behind.  Brides may ask their admirers to clear the lava rocks by using the “ask” option when you click on the rock.

Clearing Trash

When knights have eaten from their table they will leave behind trash to be collected by brides. On occasion clearing this trash will produce energy, just as knights may get energy from the chests left behind. Knights may remind their admirers to clear the trash by using the “ask” option when you click on the pile.

Interactive Decorations on you own Estates & Camps

Collecting from the items on your own land that neighbours have clicked often will give you energy. If you are trying to maximise energy you may want to hold off collecting until you have topped off (reached) maximum energy.

Unloading resources from Faraway Lands

As you clear items in faraway lands (i.e. Old Lighthouse) and bring them back with your airship, unloading certain items will also give you a boost of energy, logs for example. When you arrive at your home estate you are given the option to unload right away or do it later. You may want to save unloading until you've topped off your energy.

Levelling up

When you level up your energy will refill completely. Please note, you will not get more than your maximum energy, so if you are “full” you will not benefit. Some levels will raise your maximum energy level by one, but not all.


Flowers are a wonderful way to add energy, especially after you’ve reached maximum energy. You will get quests for a stone flower and war flower.  Once you build the flower and collect, there is a chance that another flower seed will drop. When a seed drops you can buy a base for that colour and build it up. You must tend your flower within seven days after collecting or it will wilt.  If it does wilt, you won’t lose the flower but it will require more materials to tend but it will bloom again.  Flowers regenerate after three days once they’ve been tended to be collected again!  There is no time limit to collect from the flower.

Dahlias, Scarlet Flower and other flowers are rewards for certain timed events.  Dahlias & Scarlet Flowers will drop a rare seed sometimes when harvested, you can then buy a bed to plant the seed in and build up your flower supply.

Swan Lake

At some point you will receive a quest for Swan Lake. It works the same way as the flowers but you can collect from it every 10 hours! You will need to tend it within three days after collecting.

Fan Page

Be sure to “like” the Knights & Brides fan page   Vizor frequently post useful information and goodies to collect which often include energy.  Competitions and games on the Fan Page often have energy prizes as well. And don’t forget Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill. You can often find mini-competitions here too.

Egg Collections

The Egg Collections are an important resource for energy as they help to create Magic Eggs. Keeping your chicken coop busy and tended is a great start. There are also clickable items that include eggs while visiting including the precious eggs. You can build up quite a store of energy by keeping up with these collections.  Recipes for Magic Eggs can be found in the Workshop Special tab.

Wish Lists

Be sure to keep up with your wishlist and keep it current. You may put some items on this list that will help you with energy recipes (such has amberine, emeralds and amber potions) though actual energy items aren’t allowed. Bear in mind these these are precious items that everyone wants so don’t count on receiving a lot. Your gift limits may also come into play.


Along with other resources, some faraway lands offer daily energy or energy components once you colonise them (Old Lighthouse to start with).

Jewellers Table

Don’t forget to utilise the jewellers table! While it does require energy to play, there are some very useful items there and with a little practice you may come out ahead. For instance, you may be able to acquire fuel instead of having to plant sunflower seeds and process them in the workshop. You can also get the treasured amber potion there. Some of the required play items can be made at the grindstone under the “special” tab.

Ancient Machine

On occasion you may receive special coins for the ancient machine. Be sure to use them. If you’re lucky you may get multiples of those treasured amber potions but it offers other useful goodies as well.  Once you have some Ancient Chips you can buy an Ancient Machine in the Market.

Castle Adventures

Ahh, that challenging Castle. The first thing you’ll notice for all that effort is that you’ll double your allowed neighbour visits from 50 to 100. That doubles your chances of collecting energy and materials from clickable items (though it is still only 5 clicks per neighbour).  You’ll also have the opportunity to gain the “artifactor” skill.  Once achieved, and if you’re very lucky, your subject may bring back the artifact worth 200 energy from his adventure!  You’ll also be able to send your subjects out in search of other energy making materials and resource saving items. Good luck!

Coming soon...... using Castle adventures to create energy!!

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