Easter Island

Easter is coming so it is time for the rabbits to do what they do best: paint eggs.

Start the new Easter journey and learn Emperor Bugs' story!

Checkout the Easter Marathon on the left of your game screens. 


Pet Rabbit is available in the market, as well as being adorable he will drop purple eggs for the Easter Chests in the market and is good for 500 actions.


If you have worked the side tasks on the right of your game screen and made 1000 visits to your friends while wearing the Rabbit costume and bought 10 Easter baskets the only option is to buy baskets for rubies or buy the Bunny, the Bunny will allow an extra 500 actions to gather the eggs needed for the baskets.

Side tasks often contain an element of luck or a lot of energy my be needed to complete them, spending rubies may often be need too.
Side tasks are not a part of the quests, the land can be completed without doing these tasks.

Do the easy ones and claim the rewards then make an informed decision to continue or not.


Materials & Resources

Dandelion Seeds: Found in giant Dandelions

Fuzz: Made in the Carrot Workshop

Sapphire Ore: found in Sapphire deposits

Yellow Pigment:  Made in the Carrot Workshop

Azure Shell:  Found in underwater stones

Blue Pigment:  Made in the Carrot Workshop

Alkanet Root  Found in Alkanet Bushes

Red Pigment:  Made in the Carrot Workshop

Rabbit Costume:  Made in the Rabbit Workshop

Carrot Workshop

















Make the outfit as soon as you can and put it on.  You need to have room in your Backpack to get the costume

Rabbit Hole

Make the Rabbit Costume and put it on.  As you walk over the land Rabbit Holes will appear when you are close to them, or click the sign posts.

Find the Giant Egg in one of the holes. 


The main obstacle on your way to the Colors Alley. 

Once you have found and placed the Giant Egg and you are wearing your costume you can enter Colors Alley by clicking the Ravine.

Red, Blue & Yellow Paint Containers

Make the paints










Blue Container

Red Container

Yellow Container

Emperor Bugs

Give Bugs 3 Colorful Buckets with any paints and the Giant Egg to watch the masterpiece creation.  

Place the Giant Egg

Upgrade the Paint Containers, take a Bucket and place it under the faucet, click the Paint Container to check.  

Move the buckets back to Bugs, click Bugs to check and take the reward.

Click Bugs to check

Croco the Crocodile

Upgrade Croco then take him home.







How to decorate Giant Eggs

When you complete the side tasks you get Giant Eggs as rewards. 

The rewards will be at home. Bring the eggs to Easter Island to decorate them.

Place an egg in the stand in front of Bugs

Fill paint buckets and place them in the slots beside Bugs

Different combinations of paint result in different deco. If you make a mistake and don't want the paint in the bucket just tip it into the Bottomless Pit and make the color you do want.

If you lose track of what you have created you will notice signposts appear each time you decorate an egg.  These show what you have done already

You get Giant Eggs for completing the side tasks and from Gift Baskets from the Market or sent by friends.

Not every basket has an egg in it!

Possible combinations:

Red Blue Yellow

Red Red Red

Blue Blue Blue

Yellow Yellow Yellow

Red Blue Blue

Yellow Blue Blue

Blue Yellow Yellow

Red Yellow Yellow

Yellow Red Red

Blue Red Red

Easter Gifts & Purple Eggs

Available in the Market.  Get purple eggs when visiting neighbours while wearing the Bunny Outfit.

For the side quest you need to buy these for yourself, not as a gift.  Fixed, if you buy as a gift it will now count for the task. 

Help is coming

Let's visit our good old friends!  George, take some delicious treats with you!





Set out to Easter Island


Rabbit's feet

Look, it's our old friend Bugs!  But why is he all alone out here?





Talk to Emperor Bugs

Cut out some Giant Dandelions

Make some Fuzz

Breathe carefully while collecting Fuzz:  it may go up your nose. 

Rabbit's & Art

I don't know why, but I'm itching to paint some eggs!  I guess it's all about the instincts.  I just can't help myself. 





Make Rabbit Costume

Inspect some Rabbit holes to find the Giant Egg

Use the Rabbit Costume to cross the Ravine

I feel like I want to east a carrot.  And I don't think it's got anything to do with the new costume.

Draw me a friend

Azure Shells remind me of Gail: she used blue color to paint all eggs last Easter.





Fill any Paint Container with the right Pigment

Fill the Colorful Bucket with any Paint

Help Emperor Bugs draw the Egg Masterpiece


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