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The Dungeon is a totally separate event to the main quest line.

It does not have to be done.

Go down into the Dungeons, clear as many floors as you can, all you have to do is find a KEY and a LADDER to the next Dungeon!


Also find and open the Large Chest on the land, not all lands will have a chest, this may contain Red Gems and Blue Crystals.  If there is a chest on the land the next level cannot be opened until this chest is found.  Don't waste energy looking for this chest, store everything you have chopped and try to go to the next level, if there is a chest you will receive a message to find it.  If there is no chest then you will be taken to the next level. 

Each Dungeon is unique, the doors and keys are in different places for all players.

Once you leave a Dungeon to go to the next one you CAN NOT COME BACK! So put everything into storage first.

Guardian of the Dungeon

You can make an interactive statue here, decorations and energy.

Found only in the Dungeons

Red Gem:  Found only in the Dungeons, very rare.
Sometimes found in the large chests.

Blue Crystal: Found only in the Dungeons in a chest.  Sometimes found in Jewellers Bags

Red Gem:  Found only in the Dungeons.  Sometimes come out of the large Special Chests.


Blue Crystals are found in the special Chest

You can make a bomb of 100 OR 300 OR 500 energy in each dungeon.


IF you decide to build this you must use this in the Dungeon you make it in!!  If you travel to the next one without using it you will lose it. 



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