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Found on travels to Faraway lands in caskets after combo chopping Diamond deposits and in Great Amphora which is also found on some lands.

Used in the production of

Can be found

Geologist on Lake of Sorrow, Lost City, Way of the Dragon, Treasure Island, Lost City, Weatherland, Synoptic & Winterfair.

Tribute from Tortuga.

Often found in releases that have dungeons or multi levels.


Don't colonise lands until you have chopped and bought these resources home or you may find you run out of them. 

There are 3 deposits of diamonds on Weatherland you can find with the help of Geologists and Compasses.

There are another 3 deposits on Legend of Synoptis (through the portal on Synoptis).

And another 6 deposits of Diamonds on Winterfair the most recent Weather release. 

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