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Interactive Decorations
  • Usually rewards for completing timed lands & events and permanent lands.  Once a timed land disappears it is not longer possible to get the decoration associated with that land.

  • New interactive decorations are being released all the time. 

  • Each decoration can by used by visitors to your Estate a set number of times. Both the visitor and the decoration owner collect rewards. 

  • Owners and visitor rewards are often different.

  • Owners can only collect rewards from the number of actions allowed on the decoration, if Golden Hands are used by visitors over the maximum allowed only the visitor using the Golden Hands collects the rewards.  

  • Each Estate has large allowance of 3000 interactions reserved for Golden Hands so your Estate maximum will not be affected by these actions.

Fairytale Leadlight

This decoration was build over 12 months and from 12 different lands.  These lands are no longer available to players. 

You can get some fragments from Forbidden Library but you cannot build a complete Leadlight now. 

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