Collectors' Hideout

It's a detective story, so absolutely anything may happen!

You'll be able to find the last part of the World's Eye here.

There is a secret room on this land.

This is optional!  Read the notes below.

Materials & Resources

Collectors' Tokens: Found in Collectors's Boxes

Lever Parts: found in Boxes with Lever Parts on the land.

Stonething: found in chests on the land, used at the Roulette wheel.

Detective Kit:  Found in the Secret Room, can be used to make a Detective outfit.

World's Eye Part:  Complete all the quests to get the last part for World's Eye.

Wood Ash:  Reward for destroying the Grenadiers. 

Detective Muffin

The Collectors are keeping my dear Georgette here.  Let's find a way in.

Always talk to the detective when you see him.


1st Door



Hideout Left Wing is now available


Talk to Detective Muffin again.

"It seems we can open the Door by using the Levers.  Find the lever parts, restore the Levers and use them to open the Door."

Restore the levers then activate them to open the next door.

Hideout Centre Wing area is now available.

ch 3 lever parts.png
Boxes with Levers

Find 8 Boxes with Lever Parts and restore the 8 Levers.



Hideout Centre Wing

There are statues nearby, and the Keys to the Door can be found under some of them.  Find the Keys and open the next Door.





Garden Area is now available.

Garden Area

There are too many Collectors in the Garden, we won't pass.  Lets make Traps for the Collectors on the Workbench to make our way safe. 

Place the Trap over the Collector.

Once all 4 Collectors are safely trapped the next door will open!

Collectors Hideout Laboratory is now available. 

Trap Workbench








Collectors Hideout Laboratory

Talk to Sir Slyboots:  "You again!! I'm sick and tired of you! There's no way you can stop us!"

Talk to Georgette:  "Don't listen to him, he told me everything! They have made a wooden army to conquer the Kingdom"

Talk to Sir Slyboots: "Oh it always ends the same way"

Talk to Detective Muffin: "Lets deal with the wooden Grenadiers first.  Look there are some cannonballs nearby.. do you know what I have in mind?

Cannon Box

Collect the Cannonballs from the Box



Click the box again to use the Cannonballs



Talk to Detective Muffin again





Destroy the Spell Recipe!





Talk to Sir Slyboots: "You destroyed everything, I won't forget it!  One day we'll meet again!"

Free Georgette: 





Talk to Detective Muffin: "Dear Georgette, I was so worried about you!  I'm happy that everything is OK now.  Now it's time for the two of us only.  Let's have a trip together."

Talk to Georgette:  "a honeymoon would be even better.."
Talk to Detective Muffin again and get the World's Eye piece

Secret Content


Find Secret Levers (blue ones). There are 10 Levers in total.


Open the Secret Entrance in the Laboratory and get to Secret Hall.

There you can get Detective Kits and then craft a unique Detective suit at the Trap Workbench!


NOTE: Secret (blue) Levers generate in random places (maps are not the same for everyone). They are found in Pillars/Columns of 68, 82, 110 & 144 energy and large stones of 74, 90 & 110 energy.  Finding these is trial and error. 

This is optional!  If you want the Detective Outfit you do need to do this, otherwise ignore it.

Small Chests

Small chests containing Stonethings are left behind after chopping large rocks and columns. Use these on the Party Wheel.



Secret Hall

You will find only the 3 Detective Kits needed to make the New Outfit at the Workbench. 

The 3 Prisoners have the 3 Detective Kits, you must supply the following materials to get them.





Rewards: 3 Chests. 

Help is coming

Good news, George!  Detective Muffin has found the Collectors' Hideout!  Let's go there, we must save Georgette and stop the Evil Collectors





Set out to Collectors' Hideout


Levers everywhere

George, look: the Collectors' Hideout!  I'm a bit scared, what about you?





Talk to Detective Muffin

Open the Door

Restore and activate the levers

First steps are not as scary as I thought.  I hope it continues going smoothly

By the closed door

Look, George: another closed door!  Let's ask Muffin what to do with it.





Talk to Detective Muffin

Find the Keys in the Secret Statues

Open the Door with the Keys.

Look, George: we're in the garden!  I love gardens.

Vile Garden

Who's there, George?  The place is swamped with Evil Collectors.  How are we supposed to go further?





Talk to Detective Muffin

Catch the Collectors into the Trap (set the trap over them)

Open the Door

We're done!  Now we need to find Georgette and the Star.

The end?

George, let's save Georgette.  I hope there'll be no more surprises.





Talk to Detective Muffin

Destroy the Wooden Grenadiers by using the Cannonballs

Claim the reward


1)Set out to Collectors’ Hideout and talk to Detective Muffin;


2)Use Collectors' Tokens to open the Door (Tokens can be found in Collectors’ Boxes) >> open Hideout Left Wing area;


3)Restore and activate the Levers (find Boxes with Lever Parts >> restore Levers) >> open Hideout Center Wing area NOTE: use Tokens to open Boxes with Lever parts


4)Talk to Muffin >> find Keys in the Secret Statues


5)Open the Door with the Keys >> get to the Garden area


6)Make the Traps at the Trap Workbench and catch the Collectors (place them out and put them over Collectors) >> get to the Collectors’ secret Laboratory!


7)Destroy the Wooden Grenadiers by using the Cannonballs (upgrade the Cannonballs first);


8)Destroy Spell Recipe and free Georgette;


9)Take the last part of the ancient artifact home!

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