Magic Duels is a permanent land and this will be used for all Clan Events.

This is a team event and there are no guides for these lands.  It is up to the team to communicate and work out what to do!

Clan Wars

December 2020

This is a new type of event, one we have not had before. 

You can read the release notes here or on the Knights & Brides fan page

Beware, clan events are difficult and require huge amounts of resources and energy!! 

This event has been limited to the first 50 clans that could register, here is a message from the developers. 


We know that this had been a big disappointment to many.  The Clan Wars are limited to 50 Clans only, it was first come first served.  

We are reading the comments and taking note of your feedback. 

This clan event type is very fresh, so in order to adequately support the players, the Magicians decided it would be best to install limits this time. 

Clan Wars will be a regular event, and we will accommodate many more clans next time.

We are very sorry for not letting the community know about the restrictions in advance, it was a very late change and we did not know about it either. 

New in release 2: This event is no longer available
  • We can get Clan Points by taking part not only in the weekly cups but also in Blitz Cups in Production and Harvest categories

  • The Clan gets a 72-hour ban on adding new members after a member leaves the Clan or gets expelled from it.

  • The player who leaves the Clan gets a 72-hour ban on joining a new Clan


  • The final rewards are bigger: 1st place gets 5000 rubies 2 place -2500 rubies 3 place -1500 rubies 4-10 places -1000 rubies 11 -...places -500 rubies

  • Is needed up upgrade a Clan level.  There is Authority in the Labyrinths. Don't do these if your Clan is already level 2

Magic Duels  

This is a permanent land and will be used again for Clan events.  The portals however will change and these lands are timed. 

  • There are no guides for the Clan releases, work as a team to complete the event!

  • Make a group and add all team members to it or use a Facebook chat and add all members to the chat. 

Please read all the information carefully! 


You cannot do this land if you are not a part of an Alliance!  Remember Clans are very challenging and require huge amounts of materials. Participation is optional. 

Clans will be a regular feature, appearing about once every three to six months!  There is no reason they must all be done, so decide if you want to try for this now.

Alliance Tower

If you do not have an Alliance Tower then you will find a quest to buy one. 

Buy the tower in the market.  The tower shows the Alliance menu.  The appearance of the Tower depends on the level of the Alliance.

You have 30 days to complete the Clan release. 


To enter or form an Alliance you must be level 10 and supply these materials.




Invitation to an Alliance

Only the person who creates an Alliance can invite players to join!

  • Be careful, don’t make an alliance until you understand everything

  • Once you create a clan, click the “Join the Clan” option here on the neighbour you want to invite

  • This is how you invite members to your Clan

  • You can join only one Alliance

  • You will find invitations to Alliances in your Mail

  • You can decline invitations

  • You can not see who is in an alliance when you receive an invitation. 

  • Only the clan leader can expel a member BUT members can leave at any time.

  • Up to 10 players can be in an Alliance

  • Once you accept an invitation both your and the Clan leader need to reload the game!!

  • If you leave a clan you must wait 72 hours to join another. The clan must also wait 72 hours before they can add another member.

Alliance Points

All members contribute points to the Alliance, as points are accumulated the level of your Store is raised 

Points are earned while completing the Clan portal lands as well as participating in cups for Wealth, Harvest, Production, Generosity, Poultry Keeping & Livestock.


You can see how much each player has contributed in the Alliance Menu.

When a player spends points earned in a store, in the general menu the number of points earned by this player remains the same. BUT in the Alliance Store menu His/Her points earned will decrease.

Rewards are given for the first 100 places. The reward is divided between the participants of the Alliance in proportion to the contribution of each participant.  Only the members who were in the Clan when the event ends get the rewards, any players who contributed points but left the clan do not receive rewards BUT their contribution is calculated in the overall contribution. 

All Alliance members will receive cups if their Alliance is 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Removal from an Alliance/Dissolve an Alliance
  • Only the player who formed the Alliance (Head of the Alliance) can remove a member.

  • A member can remove himself from a Clan.

    • If a member leaves independently or is removed by the leader both the Clan and that member incur a 72 hour ban, ie the Clan cannot add a new member for 72 hours, the player who left cannot join a new Clan for 72 hours.

  • Only the Head of the Alliance can dissolve the Alliance. 

Alliance Shop

You can purchase items for yourself and your friends.  You can spend only Self-earned Points. Remember points you have earned will still count towards the total Alliance score, your personal points will decrease. 

If you change Alliances any points earned will be lost. But you can spend the points in the Store - watch the timer. 

The store will be available for some little time after the Alliance has finished! Watch the Timer!!

The store has different levels which unlock different items. 


1st level: - 0 Points Alliance 

2 Level - 1500 Points Alliance 

3 Level - 3000 Points Alliance 

4 Level - 4500 Points Alliance 

5 Level - 6000 Points Alliance 

6 Level - 7500 Points Alliance 

7 Level - 10000 Points Alliance 

8 level: - 12500 Alliance Points 

9 level: - 15000 Alliance Points 

10 level: - 18000 Alliance Points

Daily Quests

There are quests associated with the lands plus Daily Quests that give Clan Points! These are needed if you do an Alliance.  No need to do these if you are not going to do an Alliance

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