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Beginner's Guide to Temporary Lands

Thanks to Linda Garner for this guide

Most beginner level temporary lands will require 5,000 to 10,000 energy to complete the tasks. This does not include clearing any extra items such as gold or trees not required. If you cannot get that much energy in a week (The time most temporary lands are available. Those that are two weeks may take more energy.) then do not attempt the land or realize you may not finish in time.

As a beginner, the first thing you should do is wait for the Update Release post on the fan page. It may also be shared groups. Read THIS POST IN ITS ENTIRETY. The post usually has helpful information such as an indication of what the quest goal is and what levels the temporary land is intended for. It may help you to decide whether you want to try it or pass it up. Not doing a temporary land does not impact your game although sometimes there is a nice interactive or other reward for which you may wish to try.


There is also a link in most release posts for a gift. Close your game on Facebook, click the link and your game will reopen with the gift. Links do not currently work with the Game Room version of the game.

Many of the more experienced players will post their progress on an update in Facebook Groups. Read these. They often find the pitfalls of a new land and can guide you around them if possible. Sometimes they will tell you their energy use so you have a better feel for what will be required. This site usually has the guides to new temporary lands within 24 hours of a release. This is very helpful as it lists all the quests and materials you will need to complete the update allowing a more efficient use of ship's loads and fewer trips to get supplies.

Once you decide to try a temporary land there are some general clearing tips which usually apply.

You DO NOT need to clear large rocks (90, 110, 144 count). Temporary lands are often set up as a series of rooms with or without hallways connecting them. These large rocks are the walls of the rooms. Clearing them will get you nothing but bundles of rock and eat up energy. Sometimes trees are mixed in with the rocks. If it's over 40 count it is unlikely to clear any fog.   Sometimes there is a gate or another structure which you have to open to get from one room to another. Sometimes it is nothing but wall and you may find yourself 'stuck' as to where to go through. In these cases you need to find the weak spot in the wall. Usually this is a medium size rock (82 count seems to work best for me) or a group of trees around 40 count. It won't open a lot of fog, just enough to see something smaller just beyond to click on.

The weak spot in this room was an 82 count rock where the oval is. As you can tell, there was a small gap there. It was fogged in, but clearing the 82 count rock cleared enough fog to see some grass, a bubble tree and small rocks. The other 82 count rock may have done the same, but I didn't need it once I cleared the one I did.

Small count items clear the most fog so concentrate your efforts on the grasses, weeds, small trees and rocks... usually less than 40 count. These items are attainable for the lower level players using lila potions, energy potions and eggs you have made at home. Often there are energy baskets and bubble trees on temporary lands which can also help.  If you work your way around a room and find no easy way in, look in the other direction. In this room I cleared a 54 count rock where the X is, thinking it was the weak spot in the walls. It was not and left a fairly wide gap of fog with nothing new to clear. I could've cleared the 82 count which may have opened the wall, but instead I started clearing the fog in the other direction as I still needed the materials for the recipes in the land.

By working around the edge of the land, I was able to enter this 'room' without clearing any larger items, just a 40 count tree, and cleared the fog in the room easily.

There are usually more materials than you need to accomplish the tasks and quests. Do not clear more of the special items than you need as that is a waste of energy. You cannot sell or give away these things and they will disappear when the land times out.

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