Azure Coast

The birthplace of the Kingdom's most romantic serenades!

This is a challenging timed land release! 

Available until June 26, 23:59 PDT

Materials & Resources

Gumdrops: Found in Sticky Shrubs

Key Note: found on True Coast

Woollen Cloud: reward when tending sheep on True Coast

Firefly Shell:  found on the land and in Azure Depths when chopping Sea Tribes

Paper Boad Made at the Outbuilding True Coast

Conch Parts: Made at the Outbuilding on the land.

Slightly Tired Mayor

She will explain the problem:

Wilford is already here, on Azure Coast and he's singing serenades for his princess (who's not even here) all day long.  The Coast visitors and I are sick and tired of the songs what weren't even written for us.  We even tried to find Genevieve but failed, perhaps you can help.


Talk to Wilford


Wilford is not even on the right Coast, help him find his Genevieve


All you need can be made here.





Limit 1




Limit 1




Limit 1




Limit 1

Outbuilding on True Coast





Mirage Girls

Find 5 Mirage Girls on the land


Bamboo Gate

You can now open the Bamboo Hedge


Salty Pond

Find the Salty Pond.. 


Travel through the Salty Pond to Azure Depths

Here you can find more Sea Tribes to complete the tasks

Music Conch

Make the Conch parts in the Outbuilding and arrange them around the Conch.

Travel through the Conch to reach True Coast!

True Coast

Talk to Genevieve, but you may need to talk to Wilford first.


Genevieve's Keepers

Find the 6 Keepers. The Paper Boats are made in the Outbuilding on True Coast



There are 6 keepers and one True Romantic.  The True Romantic is placed randomly on each player's land. 

Separation Ravine

You will now find the Keepers here, upgrade them to cross the ravine


Grazing Lambs

Give Woollen Clouds each time you tend them.  You need to keep tending to get the Clouds.




Shell Harp

Needs upgrading





Take the Shell Harp home 

Wilford & Genevieve

Genevieve sits high on the balcony but does not hear Wiford's serenade!!  Raise Wilford on Woollen Clouds to reach Geneviere.

Continue giving Woollen Clouds to Wilfred then talk to Genevieve, she is standing on the balcony of the building..


click the BUILDING next to him to check.

Sea Serenade side tasks

You can complete the side tasks for extra rewards.  You will find the True Romantic on True Coast, he is in a different position for each player.

The final rewards, if you complete all side tasks is a normal decoration, airship upgrade (10 trips) and a Big Bomb.  Side tasks are not part of the quests for the land, they are optional. 

Sea calls
Broad hints
Song of the sea
Strength test
A singing wave
On equal ground

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