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Charmed North

A New Year’s romantic adventure in the Kingdom’s northernmost land.

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Culinarnia is a TEMPORARY location available for all Lords and Ladies of level 10 and higher till January, 8 23:59 PST

Caramel Mountain

Caramel Mountain will be available for the next 2 weeks till December, 25 23:59 PST to all Nobles of level 10 and up.

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Christmas Garden

A new temporary land and home events!! 
Celebrate Christmas with Floating Bubbles, a Walk in the Garden (tasks to complete), Fairy Godmother, Coffer Baubles and Snow Blocks.

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Festive Island

Set out for Festive Island and talk to Uncle Bill to learn what’s happening. 
The Gratitude Marathon timer expires on November, 24 23:59 PST!

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Riddle Valley

George invented a Quiz to entertain his relatives and gather them all at the family table. But they got so puzzled by the questions that they left for Riddle Valley to find the answers. Help George return his family and find all the answers!

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Troll Hideout

Someone, or something, is stealing apples from the trees, strange noises can be heard in the forest... let's explore!

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Take part in the building of Horrificum, the spookiest town of all

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Grand Blumburg Hotel

Are you ready for a really spooky Halloween?

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