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Architects Guild

With the release of the first Halloween Land in 2017, a new building was introduced; the Architects Guild. It is possible to place this building only on home lands.

Quests will trigger at level 10.  These will give you the building with one free slot for a Skin.

Architects Guild can be used to apply different Styles (skins) to existing buildings to change the characteristics of that building. 

During each release where the Architects Guild is used you will may able to collect Inspiration, either from the Inspiration Collection or from rewards within that release.  You can still use the Architects Guild even if it is not upgraded. 

Inspiration: needed up upgrade the Architects Guild. Reward for quests or the Fairytale collection

Drawings are used to buy new Styles/Skins or slots for storage of Skins within the building.

Upgrades available now:







Upgraded building produces 8 Drawings each day

2 free slot & 7 Drawings a day

2 free slot & 8 Drawings a day

Styles can be permanent (the reward for clearing Beast and the Beast is 1 permanent Workshop style. No longer available) Skins/styles bought with Drawings are permanent


or temporary (temporary styles can be earned by completing quests or actions during a release)

Temporary Styles will have a timer on them, clearly visible in the building. 

Styles currently available

Horrorarium - Halloween skin for the Workshop

Frozen: Skin for the Fountain

Asleep: Halloween skin for the Sarcophagus

Glacial: winter skin for the Zonk Table

Black Mirror: Halloween skin for the Fitting Room

Christmas: Workshop skin


Grindstone: When applied you can make energy in the Grindstone - temporary skin.

How to apply a Style/Skin

Click the Architect TOOL on the cursor tool bar.  Items that skins exist for will be visible.  Click the item then click the skin you want to apply, finally click the "USE" button

Architects Guild

I see the Architect's Workshop, all clear! I heard the local architect possessed a unique castle blueprint. We need to find all of its pieces, match them and get an old artifact.

Complete and exchange a Leaves Collection x 3

Reward:  15  



Exchanged collections for blueprints of new items; there's just a bit left now - make something!

Follow the Drafts

This one could not be called a piece of cake, but we still nailed it! No time to relax though, the toughest stuff is yet to come…

Place the Architects Guild out from Storage

Reward:  5  



Awesome! Well done, engineers!

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