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At level 20 the quests to build the Portal and reach Emptyland will begin.

Emptyland is a Territory - an extension of your own Estate, it can be used for raising crops & cattle, production building can be bought and worked there (most buildings cannot be moved from Estate to Territory lands), decorations can be moved here. 

There is an abandoned Sawmill and Quarry already on the land, repair these to help clear the land. 

As well as the trees we know, you will also find Cedar Trees here that will give you Pine Cones IF they are chopped by hand.  You will also find Malachite deposits.

The Stone Flower is here, this can be taken to your Home Estate to be built or build it here.  Flowers wilt when stored and moved to other lands so make a wise decision before you upgrade it. 


"You know nothing about space-time! " The old druid swayed as he yelled at the dwarf. "The problem is not in tearing it, but in obscurating the edges!"  "If we find an obscurator, even a knucklehead like you can manage!"  "What do you mean, where do you look for it?" It can be anywhere, even in the gutter. Nowadays, they don't even know what they walk on!" "Just a minute, why are you yelling at my dwarf,"

I had to interfere. "You druids will think of anything when you're in your cups!"  "Your Grace, I swear it by my beard, even if you just go around to your neighbors you'll find at least one obscurator. Just look carefully, they haven't been used for a thousand years, there're only stones left now."",

A Hole in the Universe

"You know nothing about space-time!" The old druid swayed as he yelled at the dwarf.




Visit friends and see if there's anything unusual there x 10

Send 10 free spindles to friends - they'll help to detect magical objects x 10

I don't know if anything practical will come out of this, but it's worthwhile to send the dwarves for the \"Obscurator\", at least to get the better of this theorizing druid!

A Matter of Principle

A neighboring dwarf said that he saw a strange pile of rocks that looked man-made. It's pretty far though. \n So we'll send the dwarf and the Druid there, they can check it out and bring it here.




Stock 200 tomatoes for provisions for the trip - dwarves love tomatoes x 200

Make 5 bolts of cloth to fix the travelers' clothes.

Make a wheel in the Workshop x 4

The cart started off, creaking. The sour look on the druid's face clearly said that he wasn't happy about the trip, but as he's the one who flapped his mouth, he should take part in it.

Surprise for the Messengers

It's been a week and there's no news from my messengers. When they come back I want to thank them.




Get 3 bars of soap, so that the messengers can wash after their trip.

Stock up on 10 pieces of meat for the festive dinner

Plant 10 grape bushes - something nice for the messengers when they come back.

No need to worry now - the messengers will have a warm welcome when they come back and will rest from their travels.

Leafing Through the Calendar

Day in and day out, there's no news from my messengers. I am getting worried, I should check out the rumors




Clean up the Estate, cut down 10 tufts of grass or weed.

Visit friends and knock on their Tent or Estate

Make bottles in the Workshop x 5

Nobody heard from my adventurers. It's as if they've disappeared.

Searching for the Lost Expedition

I am sorry now that I've given in to this reckless scheme. At first, waiting made me worry; now I am getting angry - where the devil are they?




Listen to gossip; collect 5,000 XP inspecting neighbors' structures.

Plant and harvest wheat x 100

Make five wheels - four for the cart and a fifth one just in case, for the second expedition.

We started at dawn and haven't gone three miles when we met our wanderers around the bend of the road. They were trying to pull the cart out of the gutter and swearing fearfully. It took half a day to move all the stuff from their cart to ours and bring everything home.


It looks like Druid was right about the Portal - they found it, but in such a poor state that it's no use. I'll have to get on the road again, this time to visit the senior druid. I'll go myself now - I don't want to wait another half a year.




Place the Portal from Storage on the ground.

Get some pearls x 10

Make bottles in the Workshop x 5

It took a long time for the old druid to figure out what I wanted. When he saw the bottle his eyes became kinder and moister. "Ah, yes, yes, yes," he lisped fussing, then he went still holding out his dry old hand to me and not looking me in the eye.  When the pearls were in his hand he counted them quickly, spread out an old piece of parchment and started drawing a blueprint. The whole thing took no more than five hours.


Portal construction would be nothing out of ordinary if it did not require very rare materials - black pearls. Luckily I can get them by exchanging the Mysterious collection.




Plant strawberries x 50

Make the first Portal improvement by ordering to lay out the Portal stones according to the plan.

Make the second Portal improvement; luckily, you can use regular stones for the construction.

While we were working on restoring the Portal one dwarfess brought me two more black pearls that she got from her grandmother as earrings.

Nearing the Goal

The weather was wonderful. Butterflies fluttered in the warm air that went up from the ground, the chirping of the crickets was only once in a while interrupted by a hammer blow. "Hey, don't mope," I had to cheer up the dwarves who were listlessly chugging away at the stones. "If only we had something to eat, Your Grace; you don't work half as well if you don't eat!" replied the dwarves. "There's a sure way to cheer them up, Your Grace," brightened up the druid and started whispering in my ear. "Hmm, not a bad idea!" I thought.




Harvest tomatoes 100

Make vitamins in the Barn x 5

Make the third Portal improvement.

The druid's plan worked! After eating tomatoes with vitamins the dwarves scuttled around like crazy, they didn't calm down even after dark - I had to send them to forge iron!

The Magic Lens

Portal restoration was going full steam ahead; the dwarves were brisk with their hammers, while the druid was explaining the blueprint to them. "Your Ladyship," he turned to me. "If we don't want a delay we should get a head start on a lot of glass, we'll also need wheat for the enchantment ritual.




Grow 200 bushes of wheat; you'll need it to enchant the Portal.

Make glass in the Workshop x 20

Make the fourth Portal improvement.

During the enchantment rite there was a sharp whistle, the Portal was illuminated by a flare and a box with a golden key appeared out of nowhere. It looks like this expensive project will actually bear some fruit! Too bad the Portal can only be enchanted once.

A Door to the Unknown

The long-awaited day has finally come. The dwarves were pulling up a huge polished lens having thrown belts over a stone arch. When there was just a bit left, one of the belts broke and our many-months-long toil got hanging on a thread. Luckily, George did not lose his head and propped the lens up with a shaft. His momentary victory saved the day.





Complete the final stage and activate the Portal

Filled with a wonderful blue light, the Portal was activated. The old druid stood by, happily rubbing his hands and looking haughtily at the dwarf. "So, my friend, you insist that inter-portal travel is completely safe? Let's not resort to violence, you go in alone and when you come back you can have the entire grape harvest, deal?"  "Your Grace, in theory, theoretically..." murmured the druid going pale, a fat drop of sweat crawling down his forehead like dwindling hope for a peaceful resolution. "The entire harvest? Your Grace, can I go?" suddenly volunteered the reckless dwarf.  Half an hour later the dwarf was back jumping out of the shiny blue Portal with a huge cedar cone in his hands. We all felt a surge of energy and an irresistible desire for action.

The Brave New World

My companions and I were looking with wonder at the newly-acquired lands. We found the remnants of an ancient settlement, as well as unknown trees and minerals. The Dwarf Academy was interested in our findings and they asked us to collect materials for research.




Collect 30 cedar cones - cut down cedars.

Find malachite ore (this ore can be found in Emptyland) x 20

Cut 3 cedars.

Dwarf Academy members were happy to get the requested materials. It will be great if they find some interesting use for them! I have loads of these materials now.

The Main Purpose of Pinecones

I am continuing to explore new lands. After processing malachite ore turns into a pretty decorative stone, but there does not seem to be any use for the pinecones, even though they are pretty.




Send 20 pinecones from Storage to your friends

Process malachite ore into malachite at the Grindstone (this ore can be found in Emptyland)

Accept lots of Love

It looks like the main point of  pinecones is to throw them at friends. A very funny and amusing game.

Experiments Continued

The members of the Academy are asking to conduct some experiments for them to understand the capacity of the land beyond the Portal. They are promising a nice reward.




Strike 5 malachite lodes

Find five pieces of amber - you will have to cut down the whole cedar and open the chest.

Get 2 emeralds

Thanks to my efforts in providing the Dwarf Academy with materials, they've learned to synthesize amber out of pine cones and Love. The recipe is now available in the LOVE TOWER

Smile Day

Five pickaxes and three spades. Better yet - five pickaxes and five spades," I couldn't shake off thinking about the next trip to Emptyland. "Your Ladyship, let me give you a smile and this good luck letter," a dwarf broke in on my thoughts. "Today is a great holiday, your Ladyship. It's Smiles day and any generosity is rewarded," echoed the Druid.




Give 10 pieces of amber to your friends

Make a rainbow in the Workshop (Special tab)

Accept 3 jars of FIRE SALT from friends.

The dwarf made wine from the grapes he got and now the Druid is his frequent guest, there's no trace of the old animosity between them.

Stone Flower

It looks like the strange pile of crystals in the middle of the abandoned settlement is the legendary Stone Flower. The members of the Dwarf Academy are asking to pay special attention to it and get it into shape.




Make the first improvement of the Stone Flower.

Make the second improvement of the Stone Flower.

Make a pair of gauntlets at the Workshop x 2

The flower is gradually coming round. We need onyx to finish the ritual - a very rare stone that can sometimes be found in chests left from large rocks. The dwarves gave me two such stones; I'll have to find the rest myself.

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