Knights & Brides, developed by Vizor Interactive Ltd is an Energy and Resource management Adventure game. This guide is based on the Facebook version of the game, there are other versions on other social platforms, all of them similar but not necessarily identical. 

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  • Current Timed Lands and Events can always be found here on the Home Page.

New Releases
Riddle Valley

George invented a Quiz to entertain his relatives and gather them all at the family table. But they got so puzzled by the questions that they left for Riddle Valley to find the answers. Help George return his family and find all the answers!

tgd2019 small.png

A new Weather Land and a chance to upgrade the Weather Master again.


Permanent land with a timer attached, clear the land in 7 days for great rewards.



The second land in the Weather series.

Permanent land.



Rainy weather is no reason to be sad, head to the new permanent land now.


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