Knights & Brides, developed by Vizor Interactive Ltd is an Energy and Resource management Adventure game. This guide is based on the Facebook version of the game, there are other versions on other social platforms, all of them similar but not necessarily identical. 

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New Releases

No longer available

This is a timed event, available until January 20, 23:59 PST

Naanari Valley.png

This is a timed event, available until January 13, 23:59 PST

No longer available

Penguin academy.png

This is a timed event, available until January 6, 23:59 PST

No longer available

Santa Designero.png

This is a new release!  There are two other old temporary lands released too, you do not have to do these lands.

No longer available

land of frost.png

​December 2020

This is a new type of event, one we have not had before. 

You can read the release notes here or on the Knights & Brides fan page

Beware, clan events are difficult and require huge amounts of resources and energy!! 


Land of Love is the first part of the three-part marriage series. Couples need to prove the strength of their feelings to Auntie and Uncle and get their blessing.

This is a permanent land. There is no guide to this land but we have important information and tips on Weddings. 

Adil's Palace

The third chapter in the Hidden Sesame series

sezam3_main (1).png
Dreamy Meadow

The 4th chapter in the Hidden Sesame series. 

sezam4 dream meadow.png
Golden Sands

The second chapter in the Hidden Sesame series

Hidden Sesame

The land of hot sands and hotter than hot tempers, noisy bazaars, hospitable people, and exciting tales of love and envy that will make your blood boil!

This is a new PERMANENT land, available for players at level 15 and up.

Sesame header.png

McManus is holding the first-ever festival of cuddles and fun in the Kingdom! He even used a warming spell on the land so you could enjoy a bit of early spring in January.

This is a timed event, available until January 28, 23:59 PST.

Hugs Festival.png

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